Kids Ensemble Information


The Kids Ensemble is what makes the Burns Park Players shows so unique and endearing to our community. Burns Park Elementary students from Grades 1st - 5th have the opportunity to participate in the BPP annual show, performing alongside the adult cast.  There are NO auditions for the Kids Ensemble, and anyone interested in learning about musical theater is welcome to join us.


If you have a child participating in the Kids Ensemble, one adult in your family needs to (1) Become a BPP member, (2) participate in the production as cast or crew.  If you have not signed up, please contact our production team to learn more and get an assignment.

Kids Ensemble Costumes 

Costumes for the Kids Ensemble is an important part of the experience and our creative team has worked hard to make it special! Ultimately, the goal is to keep costs as low as possible for all costumes, make the process easy and efficient for families, and create the best looking kids ensemble we can!


Rehearsals will begin 4-6 weeks before opening night. Kid Rehearsal locations, dates, and times will be communicated as soon as they are determined.



To participate in the Kids Ensemble:


1. Child must be a student at Burns Park Elementary (1st-5th Grade); or reside in the Burns Park neighborhood and be able to attend lunch time rehearsals at Burns Park Elementary.


2. At least one adult in your household needs to participate in the cast or crew.  (If you have not signed up, please reach out to our production team to get an assignment.)


3. Kids Ensemble actors will need to provide certain basic articles of their costumes, which will be communicated by Costume Design in early February.


4. Participation Costs:

Child - Fee covers all supervised rehearsals, costumes, and performances.

Adult Cast or Crew - Please see BPP Membership fees.

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