Hello Burns Park Players community! 

We are in need of volunteers for the following positions. 

Please take a look at the signups below and volunteer where able. 

We appreciate your support!!



Kids Cast Backstage Helpers:

We need about 20 volunteers to attend a training on Tuesday, April 19 at 6pm, and then a rotation of 7 of those volunteers to signup for each of the 4 following nights and Sunday afternoon to wrangle children and help them on and off stage.  



Set Move-in Helpers:

We are looking for individuals who are available during the day, Monday April 18, from 10 am - 5 pm to help us move the set pieces in and assemble onstage.  Note: Some set pieces are quite large and heavy. 




Hello all!  Please consider signing up to be an usher.  The plan was to use Michigan Theater ushers, but they just informed me that due to COVID, they are having a hard time securing ushers for our event.  So, please please please sign up to be an usher.  



Box Office Helpers:

We need individuals to volunteer in the box office.  Box office volunteers will be posted in the Michigan Theater box office booth and sell tickets, starting 1 hr. before the show.  We will need two volunteers for each of our 4 shows.  



Props Assistants:

Props Master, Isabel, is looking for a few more people to assist with props, backstage, during the shows.